The Apostle Islands

Bayfield, Cornucopia, & Washburn Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands National Shoreline is a group of 21 islands of the coast of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. They are known for their beautiful, forested shorelines and especially for the sea caves! We stayed 3 nights here and explored the area. This hike south of Bayfield is called Houghton Falls Trail.

The only brewery in the area was South Shore Brewing so we checked it out – apparently the building used to be a bowling alley! The owner was our bartender and told us all about the history of the brewery. His beers were not too bad and there were a few we really liked.

The highlight was definitely our sea kayaking tour around Sand Island where we got to kayak all over and throughout the sea caves on the islands coast! There were some points where we were so far under the island that it was pitch black and we almost hit our heads a few times. So cool!

Click to play the video above.

The next day we hiked along the northern shoreline of Wisconsin on the Bayfield peninsula – the peninsula sits just South of the Apostle Islands. Due to the nature of the weathering here, the caves are even BIGGER than the ones we’d kayaked through the day before! It was too late in the season for kayak rentals in this area so we will just have to go back later to explore those bad boys from the water (anybody care to join?). The hike along the cliff’s edge above the caves was awesome in itself, though. We think these pictures speak for themselves.

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