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California 2022: Part 3!

From beaches to snowy slopes to spring mountain meadows to more Redwood forests…away we go!! There are a number of towns/neighborhoods scattered around and just outside of Santa Cruz proper that have their own thing going on – separate little downtowns, squares, beaches, etc. One of these that we’ve checked out a few times is … Continue reading California 2022: Part 3!

California 2022: Part 2!

~The San Francisco Chronicles~ Going to step back in time a few months for this opening story – our very first trip driving the Sundancer OVER the Golden Gate Bridge! It was so exciting. We stopped at our favorite cliff spot the night before for sunset. On the way up we grabbed sandwiches from an … Continue reading California 2022: Part 2!

California 2022: Part 1!

Smithwoods RV Park & Felton, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz, Highway 1 For the first 4 months of 2022, we stayed at a cozy little family-owned campsite in Felton, CA called Smithwoods. It was a sweet gig in the off-season; Because Gabrielle is considered an essential worker with PG&E, we got approved to … Continue reading California 2022: Part 1!

California for the Holidays

Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, Livermore, San Francisco, Ventura, San Jose, Highway 1 (parts of) Our first new home was Sanborn County Park just south of Saratoga. It is the closest commute for Gabrielle to Mountain View and its a nice quiet park with lots of deer, turkeys, newts and birds. Gabrielle’s friend from Oak Park … Continue reading California for the Holidays


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