Iowa and Wisconsin

Galena, IL ~ Potosi, WI ~ Decorah, IA ~ Eau Claire, WI ~ Chippewa Falls, WI

For the next few days we stayed in Galena, Illinois where we were married 3 years ago. We had dinner in the DeSoto House Hotel where we all stayed that weekend. There are a lot of little shops and restaurants downtown to visit and we had a great time.

Next we drove up to Potosi, WI to visit Potosi Brewing Company and the National Beer Museum. This was a treat because not only is this place been here a long time, but their beer was great and the museum was really cool. They have used a natural spring for their brewing water since 1852!

David has always wanted to visit Toppling Goliath Brewing Company in Decorah, Iowa so we took a small detour west. We had their beers at our wedding and they are tasty!

There was a small park called Pulpit Rock near our campsite that overlooked the river, so we explored!

Now we were back on our way north through Wisconsin. Spent a night in Eau Claire to visit Leinenkugels Brewing Company and the Leinie Lodge. It just reminded us of college days long past. We took the tour, although we couldn’t go into any of the buildings except the Lodge because of Covid.

One thought on “Iowa and Wisconsin

  1. if your pictures are any indication revisiting the site of your wedding weekend looks awesome. You have shaken down some wonderful memories.


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