Austin, Texas

Our next stop was the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ – AUSTIN! We really enjoyed Austin in the bits that we were able to experience. As has been a common theme for our cross-country North American RV trip, there were many things in the city that were closed or not operating currently due to COVID concerns. Most notably, the biggest disappointment would definitely be not being able to see any live music in the live music capital itself. It is what it is and we understand that it’s not safe. We did, however, get to make a lot of great memories doing what we COULD do safely, and it’s just all the more reason for us to come back someday to see musicians play at venues, breweries, and at events like they used to! I look forward to that day.

We got to visit with some friends in the Austin area while there, and did a couple fun and socially distanced hangouts. We met up for hikes, went to breweries, had a few backyard campfires, and even set up the RV’s projector in our friends’ backyard so we could all watch a movie against the back of the house! That was a cool one – all David’s idea. 🙂

Also got to spend a sunny morning on rented bikes and rode the bike path along the Colorado River and Lady Bird Lake. So many towering trees and beautiful cedars along the riverwalk! It really is a beautiful area with tons to see, and many little nooks where you can stop for a water break and take in the sights.

After checking the Bcycle bikes back into a station on the East side, we had a nice couple afternoon hours afternoon walking around the East 6th St. area, which seems really cool. Lots of street art with all sorts of social and cultural statements, many inviting, brightly painted breweries and cafes, and a definite bohemian feel to it and the people with whom we spoke.

Nothing wrong with a bit of bohemian ideas and values in all of our lives – HERE for it ❤

We walked all the way to the Congress Ave and tried to take some Lime scooters up to the state capitol, but the capitol grounds were closed off to the public so we could only sightsee from the street. Ah, well…found a rockin’ music store and gift shop on Congress and spent some time shopping around and playing with the shop’s resident tuxedo cat, Louis.

A different day, we hiked through Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown. Some local Austin friends of ours, Michael and Jonathon, suggested it and met us there as they are fellow hiking enthusiasts! Oh, and of course Apollo, their pup – can’t forget him. Also loves a good trek through the wilderness.

Jonathon found this incredible conglomerate stone from the Cretaceous Period just packed FULL of fossils (see below). So of course we then commenced in hurling rocks at the ground for a good while in the hopes of cracking stones open to reveal hidden fossils or treasures within. It was actually a lot of fun! Brought out the inner geology nerd in all of us.

Ended our 8 mile hike day epically….Salt Lick BBQ!! The first of 2 legendary Texas BBQ joints we dined at while in Austin, both of which were so delicious, so perfectly cooked, and uniquely different from any BBQ we’d ever had. People reading this who like BBQ – if you haven’t had Texas BBQ, you’ve been MISSING OUT! Famous Daves and Dickey’s don’t even hold a candle. Period.

We spent a couple weeks exploring the Hill Country before looping back to Austin for a last couple of days (TX Hill Country photos and stories in a separate blog post – stay tuned). Here a few pics from our last few days brewery hopping in Austin where we were able to sit out on patios. Played some disc golf at Live Oak Brewing – great Hefeweizen, fantastic American Barleywine called Old Treehugger. **Note for any Star Wars fans reading this: Be sure to check out the disc golf sign in the picture below showing where the mandatory disc throw zone is. Mandatory is often abbreviated in disc golf as a ‘mando.’

Had another fun backyard campfire one night with David’s college fraternity brother and his crew – although none of us took any pictures apparently. Regardless, had a blast and it was great seeing people we know again. These days, we take stock and really value any actual person-to-person interaction we are lucky enough to have. It seems anything outside of your immediate family is just fewer and further between in these COVID times. *To Toast, Tiffany, Bianca, and Tucker, too of course – thanks for the delicious grub, being great hosts, and for ramping up our holiday spirit with Christmas movies.

And of course, for out last day in Austin, we had to do BBQ one more time. This time, we went to a place called la Barbecue, another Austin classic, and it was glorious. Divine brisket, smoked sausage, ribs, potato salad, pickled onions, mac and cheese………Laid in bed for a good 30 minutes after our lunch just to digest.

We never did get to see the famous bats underneath the Congress Ave bridge, but our friends told us it wasn’t the right time of year to see them in full splendor. Just another reason to come back in late summer or early fall someday!

David also got to try footgolf for the first time with Toast (also known as Jeff). It’s a game set up like a golf course except you kick a soccer ball for each stroke and it has to go in these huge “cups.” It was very windy that day, so sometimes the balls would just blow back at us or even pass us. Best part of it was that David beat Toast first time out! Ha although he did beat David at regular golf…

Austin was amazing and we spent a lot of time in this area because of friends but also because there is just so much to explore. We bought a state parks pass and roamed the Hill Country to the North and West of Austin. More on that coming SOON!

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