Torres del Paine Day 5

After our very long, intense day of John Gardner Pass and then some, we gave ourselves a break day at Grey to relax and wash our clothes. Gabrielle slept in and missed our friend Kate leaving for Paine Grande (the next campsite) and I traded coffee with her and said goodbye. After handwashing our clothes and hanging them out to dry near the tent, we decided to splurge a little for a late afternoon lunch and got cheeseburgers and beers! The restaurant and bar in Refugio Grey was very nice and we scored a spot on a comfy couch next to the heating stove in the corner. Once we noticed that liquor was cheaper than beer, we ordered gin and tonics. We were happily surprised when these came:

Giant Tanqueray and tonics with ice cubes literally from the Glacier Grey!! The bartender had a big block of ice behind the bar, chizzling chunks off. It was so crisp and refreshing – best G & T’s we have ever had!

It was a very relaxing day and was much needed as we stumbled around camp that day in pain. Hard even to walk around and much stretching was needed. It was a nice break and we had completed the backside of the trek. The next day we would begin the W trek on the front side of the park.

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